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Smiles Across the Miles

The SKDEAS Foundation is proud to distribute a monthly newsletter! It is our priority to keep families connected to our community and to share what’s new with the SKDEAS Foundation.


Complete the registration information and keep an eye in your inbox for the next issue. In the meantime, please feel free to catch up on past issues.

Smiles Across the Miles Issue 1

Issue #1

July 2023

Smiles Across the Miles Issue 4

Issue #4

October 2023

Smiles Across the Miles Issue 7

Issue #7

January 2024

Smiles Across the Miles Issue 2

Issue #2

August 2023

Smiles Across the Miles Issue 5

Issue #5

November 2023

Smiles Across the Miles Issue 8

Issue #8

February 2024

Smiles Across the Miles Issue 3

Issue #3

September 2023

Smiles Across the Miles Issue 6

Issue #6

December 2023

Smiles Across the Miles Issue 9 - 2024-03.png

Issue #9

March 2024

Smiles Across the Miles Issue 10 - 2024-04.png

Issue #10

April 2024

Smiles Across the Miles Issue 11 - 2024-05.png

Issue #11

May 2024

Issue #12

June 2024



Smiles Across the Miles Issue 12 - 2024-06.png

Meet the Editor: Rebecca Woodbury

"Hi! I’m Rebecca Woodbury, mom to Tyler (5) and I’m your SKDEAS newsletter editor. I have a super amazing husband of 14 years, Tom, and an older son, Chase (11). We are originally from Connecticut, but we now call North Carolina our home. We learned Tyler had the WDR26 gene deletion when he was about 9 months old. As with all families, once I learned of his syndrome, it consumed my life. I wanted to research as much as I could and I needed to connect with other families that understood what we were going through. I am so grateful for Dr. Skraban, Dr. Deardorff, and all of the other doctors and medical professionals that were instrumental in discovering this gene and writing a publication on it just one year before Tyler was born. I am equally as grateful to have a network of SKDEAS families across the globe! Several months ago, as the SKDEAS Foundation approached its 1 year anniversary, I joined the monthly board meetings. I was hesitant at first, knowing I missed an entire year of meetings and information, but I jumped on board anyway. At the first meeting, I immediately recognized that the Board needed a newsletter editor. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to help spread awareness and contribute to the foundation’s mission.

Outside of being mom to Tyler and the SKDEAS newsletter editor, I work full time and I run a home business as well. I have worked in the banking industry in various roles for over 20 years and I run a shopping group on Facebook. I love to shop and I love to find bargains, so it’s a perfect hobby job for me!

Some other rapid fire fun facts about me: I love scary movies and 90’s R&B music, I have a passion for helping others, my Myers-Briggs personality type is ISFJ, I love the spa, beach, wineries, vacationing, and decorating my house."

If you'd like to submit an idea for the SKDEAS Newsletter, please contact Rebecca Woodbury -
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